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Children and Stress
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A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Therapists This book provides an overview of childhood stress and a wide array of creative activities that can be used to help children gain control over their stress. Included are activities that help children adopt healthy coping strategies, learn new stress management skills, and value the benefits of relaxation. Each fun and engaging activity is a complete lesson plan, providing all the details an adult needs to conduct the activity and follow-up discussions. Children and Stress: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists is an essential resource for anyone who would like to help children deal with stress today, tomorrow, and throughout a lifetime. The book is divided into two sections: Section I provides background information to help parents, teachers and therapists use the activities in the book. It summarizes information about stress in children, provides an overview of research on the immediate and long-term consequences of stress in children, and describes a continuum of stresses ranging from everyday common stresses to more severe stress brought on by trauma. It goes on to suggest ways that parents, teachers, and therapists can work at home, at school, and in healthcare settings to help children manage stress. Section II presents over 100 activities using a format that includes a title, purpose statement, objectives, timeline, activity description, step-by-step instructions, and discussion questions. The activities help children learn: • What stress is and how to gain a sense of control over it. • What coping strategies work now and in the future in managing stress. • How to change perspectives, regroup, and regain control during periods of stress. • How to engage in relaxation activities that regain focus, calm emotions, and manage anxieties. • How children, parents, and all family members can work together to create a calm and healthy home environment. ISBN 9781570252419 Pages 152 Dimensions 8 1/2"x11"

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