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Mental Health
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The mental health market has traditionally been relegated to "step child" status but is now poised for rapid growth due to mental health parity laws, reduced stigma, improved pharmaceuticals that are advertised to the consumer, and recognition of the powerful role the mind plays in all aspects of the human condition. Over 20% of the U.S. population has a diagnosable mental disorder yet only 40% seek help due to stigma, lack of insurance coverage, or they attempt to handle themselves. The Surgeon General is leading the charge to increase utilization of mental health services with the following recommendations: -Overcome stigma-Ensure supply of mental health providers concentrating on shortage of cognitive behavioral and Interpersonal therapy providers-Ensure state-of-the-art treatment while reducing financial barriers. Telemedicine (online counseling) is rapidly expanding supported by Government grants/loan programs and resolution of state-by-state law barriers.

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