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THE STRESS RELIEF & STRESS REDUCER GAVEL NOVELTY GIFT Some customers have called it a stress relief toy, a stress relief game, stress release game and also a stress reducer game, but it actually is stress relief humor! We call it the SLAM-A-GAVEL. Definition: Potential stress relief item helps stressed-out individuals through the invigorating act of slamming a gavel on a selected wooden block imprinted with an assortment of stress-related topics pertaining to a particular stressful situation the user may be experiencing during the day; with the notion and intention of it's user being able to dispel some pent-up stress! So you've had enough and want to slam your stress away. SLAM-A-GAVEL is the perfect stress relief gift for any hectic occupation, and it is especially appreciated by judges, lawyers and gavels! It not only serves as a stress relief activity, but any nerve-racking occupation can attempt to slam their innermost tension, pressure, anxiety and stressful encounter away. Just think, from now on, you can even holiday stress relief every year! Having your daily meltdown?! No need to get to that point anymore. Pick up your gavel and SLAM-A-GAVEL! It's the original gavel and sounding block with the intention to relieve stress novelty kit! Click here! Order now!!! SLAM-A-GAVEL was designed and created by inventor Henry Espinosa, a San Diego CA postal employee with over 23 years experience. He states, "Laughter is the key and I use it as a stress relief work tool." Who needs anger management when you own a SLAM-A-GAVEL?! We are happy to say that on Friday, December 15, 2006, the ABA JOURNAL eReport, (Volume 5, Issue 49) mentioned our SLAM-A-GAVEL as one of their 10 holiday gift list selections for lawyers in 2006, as posted in their second (allegedly) Annual eReport Holiday Gift Guide! Moreover, we are also pleased to state that on December 11, 2006 the USATODAY website posted in their MONEY SECTION a very nice picture of our SLAM-A-GAVEL. Now, eventhough there are great and wonderful days at home and at work, there comes a time when the daily work grind and personal interaction of stressful job situations can really get under your skin. Remember our SLAM-A-GAVEL inventor? His personal occupational experience of 23+ years is an enormous amount of time to view an abundance of stressful encounters. From never-ending long lines, attending slow, unprepared customers, rarely having enough counter help, to belligerent, aggresive, vocal and warlike customers ready to get it on! This, of course, may be anyone's daily and constant occurance of possibilities. Any situation can set off a frustrated individual into a frenzy. Every single one of these potential emotional volcanoes are ready to erupt! Why stop there? Throw in a few non-tolerable co-workers and inept management which is fixed and obsessed with productivity and inaccurate calculations into the mercurial mix and without further delay, you have a very stressful geyserlike cocktail ready to burst through the "Valley of Emotional Distress!" Every single one of these parties might be affected directly or indirectly by any stressful circumstance. Apply this unfortunate scenario to every walk of life, interchange certain situations and it's exactly the same problem with the same possible outcome. Moral may go down Productivity may go down Work absences may rise Physical confrontations Headaches Tension Anger Crying Insomnia Depression Weight loss Family problems Health concerns may be an issue The list goes on and on. You get the picture. Don't miss out on this unique one of a kind patent pending product!!! A fun way to try to relieve stress. Imagination took over. There had to be a way to possibly help release stress. A clever way. A different and original way to liven and cheer people up. The idea of maybe, possibly, easing any stressful encounter. Perhaps, even potentially preventing any further stressful incident. This was the inventor's desire. Humor was the way. The concept was simple. A gavel, nine blocks with stress words, and a storage box to house the blocks. Each block has six sides. That is a total of 54 sides for all nine blocks. Each block has a potential stressful word or phrase applied to each side. The user selects the block, inserts the stressful word or phrase into the center of the storage box face up and closes the lid. They now concentrate, focus, reflect and visualize the word at hand and picking up the gavel, simulate slamming the gavel on the block while intending to release their stress! The SLAM-A-GAVEL is equipped with some great features, such as virtually customizing his or her blocks to their own preference by writing anything or anyone's name on the block that says, "FILL IN THE BLANK" or with another block that let's the user enable to cut out a photo of that horrendous person or thing you would love to slam! Adhere it to the block that says, "PASTE UGLY PHOTO HERE!!!" Slam it until you feel good?!! Just think how many times you can try to pound and slam that one! As you can imagine, the ingenuity of the SLAM-A-GAVEL was meant to bring frivolity, levity and laughter to the user as well as the surrounding viewers. The SLAM-A-GAVEL is intended to possibly release stress, but it does not guarantee the release of any stress. Nevertheless, we welcome the thought of the user potentially releasing any kind of stress by a chuckle, smile or outright laugh. That is our main and number one intention. We're sure you will enjoy this beautiful product! People will probably laugh and most likely want to use it. Everyone might wish they had one. Get it for yourself or that special person, boss, retiree, club, organization, president, CEO, co-worker or family member. Makes a great gift! Order yours today!

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