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Anger is a normal healthy emotion that we all experience. However, out of control anger is a problem and can range from mild irritation to extreme rage. You will experience biological and physiological changes with elevated blood pressure and heart rate, along with the release of stress hormones. Internal and External events can trigger anger; such as being mad at a friend or excessive worrying about your personal problems or memories of traumatic events. Anger is natural response to threats and creates aggressive behaviors and feelings in order to fight to defend yourself, if necessary. It is normally kept in check by our societal norms and laws. Both unconscious and conscious mental processes are used to deal with anger with expression, suppression, and calming being the main approaches. An Assertive approach is the healthiest method, not aggressive. It means being respectful of others with making clear your needs and goals to achieve them. Suppression can be redirected or converted which means you hold your anger, cease thinking about it, and focus on the positive in a constructive manner. If this anger turns inward it can wreak havoc on high blood pressure, hypertension and depression. Unreleased anger can cause passive-aggressive behavior and/or a shaky personality. Calming down means controlling inward and outward behavior and lowering your heart rate. Some of the best techniques for anger management are meditation, breathing, visualization or imagery, and exercise.

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