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The M.A.T. Deluxe Massage Kit
Sale Price: $199.95
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The M.A.T. Medical And Therapy Body Positioning System has everything you need for total comfort during at-home massage. By maintaining complete muscular-skeletal alignment, the M.A.T. provides total comfort for hours of relaxing, healing massage whether lying on your stomach (above, top) or back (above, below). This 3-piece system can be arranged to accommodate all body types and sizes: 1. Foot Bolster-The foot bolster reduces stress on the ankles, knees and hips, in addition to relieving lower back tension. 2. Face Rest-The unique, teardrop-shaped opening of the face rest creates a large breathing channel when lying face down. This allows your partner to avoid twisting his or her head and neck in order to breathe. 3. Pelvic Tilt Body Cushion-When face down, the pelvic tilt body cushion prevents spinal compression. When face up, the pelvic tilt follows the spine's natural curvature. When face-down recovery is required for post-surgical situations, such as macular eye surgery, the M.A.T. is the perfect tool for maintaining comfort. Precision-cut, high-quality foam and covered in a washable, cloth cover. 18" W x 41" L x 5" D

The M.A.T. Medical And Therapy Body Positioning System Item# 5600 •Provides complete muscular-skeletal alignment whether lying on the stomach or back. •Folds up to carry and store with a convenient strapping system and handle.

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