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Jeanie Rub® Single-Speed Item# 3400
Retail Price: $239.95
Sale Price: $215.96
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Jeanie Rubs, the industry standard in professional massagers are now available for home use. These massagers provide deep-penetrating, oscillating action, which delivers a consistent, soothing and invigorating massage every time. Add accessories for a more targeted trigger point or extremity massage. Single Speed Massager #3400 The practical and economical single speed massager delivers a consistent massage at 3240 rpm with just a flip of the toggle switch provides all purpose general massage capability.

•Jeanie Rub can be used for self massage or partner massage. •Use the Jeanie Rub for a relaxing home massage. •Accessory posts allow you to add the Jeanie Kit™ accessories to massage those pin-point specialized areas.

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