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The Moon Car Magnetic Belt Massager
Sale Price: $49.95
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Contains 60 wheels and 32 magnets. The belt massager can be used by yourself in several different ways. To massage the scalp or neck, "choke up" on the unit, holding it about one foot in from the handle on each side. For the feet, lay the unit on the ground and roll one foot at a time over the massager, or hold it while sitting and roll it under the width of the foot. For the back, backside, chest, stomach and legs, grasp the handles at each end, and using a towel-drying motion, roll the entire belt over one part of the body at a time. It can be used sitting or standing. Use the Moon Car Belt Massager for: Upper and lower back pain, tense leg muscles, neck pain and fatigue, sore shoulders, invigoration of internal organs.

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