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Shiatsu Foundation Course Book
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A deep, powerful form of natural healing therapy, shiatsu promotes good health and relieves stress. A form of massage working on the body's pressure points, this amazing technique will allow you to give soothing care, warmth, and healing simply through touch. Or let someone try it on you and develop a marvelous sense of vitality, calm, and well-being. Along with detailed advice on preparing the body and mind for giving shiatsu are explanations of how to use your palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees, and feet to apply pressure to and stretch different areas of the body. Color photographs take you through face down, supine, side, and sitting sequences: perform palming, rocking, diagonal stretch, retreating cat, palm and forearm down the back of the legs, forearms into the soles, pulling heels, hip circling, single knee to the chest, and stretching the outside of the thigh techniques. It's the perfect introduction to one of the increasingly popular healing disciplines. 160 pages. Hardcover.

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