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Nayer Kazemi Water View Table Fountain Set
Retail Price: $12,000.00
Sale Price: $0.00
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This Water View Table can take any dining experience to the next level by bringing nature directly to you. Made of stainless steel that is highlighted with a swirl finish, this elegant table features a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a riverbed of rocks in the center of the table. Add a natural ambiance to your fine dining as the water flow conjures nature and simplicity while producing a creek sound that can be adjusted to your liking. Set the mood with this wonderful water feature.

Table: 36” wide x 32” high x 60” long Stools: 19” high x 17” wide Water, Stainless Steel, Lights, and Rocks $8,000-$12,000 The focal point of this piece is its water feature in the center of the table. Featuring a smaller elevated pool filled with rocks, water spills out into three directions, creating three waterfalls that fall into a larger body of water that is lit up. As the waterfalls cascade, a touch of light provides a glowing ambiance to make this Water View Table a memorable setting for any meal. Relax and dine by the sound of falling water at this exotic table. Even further, the tabletop surface can be customized with wood, granite, glass, or composition material to give you further aesthetic options.

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