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Insomnia - The Complete Mind/Body Solution by Deepak Chopra
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Includes 4 cassettes, plus extensive 36-page companion workbook Sleep Soundly and Peacefully Every Night In this eight-lesson audio CD course, best-selling author and teacher Deepak Chopra, M.D., guides you on how to tap into the mind/body connection to create restful, sound sleep. You will discover the enormous healing power of nature within you – the power to be healthy, joyful and well rested. Step-by-step, you will learn techniques to eliminate the underlying cause of insomnia and create a balance mind and body. Drawing on the wisdom of Ayur-Veda, the oldest science of health care in the world, Dr. Chopra explains how you can sleep deeply at night without medication and rise up refreshed and energetic. In this course you will learn how to: Fall asleep easily, without trying Feel rested when you wake up Enjoy tranquil sleep without tranquilizers or sleeping pills Identify – and eliminate - the imbalances causing your insomnia Deal effectively with hyperarousal and over active thinking at bedtime Achieve a healthy balance of rest and activity in your life Lesson 1 Sleep and The Quantum Mechanical Body Understanding the mind/body connection Lesson 2 Discovering Your Ayurvedic Body Type How to get in touch with your inner intelligence Lesson 3 Getting In Tune With Nature’s Rhythms How to ride nature’s waves to sleep Lesson 4 Techniques For Soothing The Senses Five pathways to restful sleep Lesson 5 Balancing The Physiology Choosing the right diet and exercise for your mind/body system Lesson 6 Fullfilment: The Basis For Restful Sleep How to find satisfaction in everthing you do Lesson 7 Q & A With Dr. Chopra Lesson 8 Gandharva-Veda Music Therapy Aruvedic melodies help integrate biological rhythms to improve sleep

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