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Psychotropic Music- CDs
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A Russian pioneer in healing music, Boris Mourashkin employs a new, scientifically-based method of music therapy founded on the principle of "sound psycho-reflex therapy." His music combines powerful sounds and rhythms that the conscious mind cannot understand but that subconscious and the body are open to. Because healing takes place not only on the physical level, but on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well, listeners report feeling energized by the music. Mourashkin’s compositions can induce meditation, neutralize negative emotions and reduce stress. This music is not tranquil music to calm your mind. It is quite dynamic, with strong rhythms and musical peaks. Mourashkin explains that healing requires an input of energy...not just relaxation. Includes extensive notes. "I think [Mourashkin is] ahead of his time. I think he's a genius, a phenomenal musician. He's the link between science and music. He's going to be the pioneer in this field connecting music to healing." - Dr. Peter Munda New York Times 2 CDs.

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