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Soma-An Experience in Psychoacoustic Healing- Cassette
Sale Price: $19.95
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Soma- An Experience in Psychoacoustic Healing by Tom Kenyon M.A. "Psychoacoustic" audio processes elicit powerful physical and psychological responses. More than 15 years of clinical experience led Tom Kenyon, musician and psychotherapist, to breakthrough discoveries in the use of music for relaxation, enhanced well-being, inner exploration and physical and emotional balance. Soma incorporates embedded "Bio-Pulses" into a calming ambient soundtrack. These subtle pulses of osund are designed to stimulate your brain to produce alpha and theta brainwave states, associated with deep relaxation, meditation and creative dream states. Vocal "toning' techniques create a resonance which expands the inner field of awareness for creative processes. Soothing musical timbres and harmonic intervals based on ancient Greek models are combined to enhance healing. Finally, Kenyon uses "essentic musical forms" to elicit emotions such as love, joy and compassion in the listener. The physiological changes that occur with these emotional responses have been associated with enhanced immune function and deep relaxation.

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