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Spirals-Unwinding For Vitality and Health- CD
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Experience deep "bodywork" through music and sound. The music on spirals uses dijeridu, specially tuned frame drums, udu drums, tabla, tambura, guitar, doumbek, flutes and berimbau. It is an intricate and beautiful composition created specifically to release and soften the flexible connective tissue that surrounds every organ and muscle in the body. This experience of "sonic unwinding" encourages relaxation, healing and a free and healthy flow of energy from head to toe. The human body has three physical rhythms; the beating of your heart, the movement of your breath, and the subtle pumping of the cranio-sacral system. Spirals is designed to "entrain" each of these systems to a synchronized and balanced state through the use of precise rhythmic patterns. It is a rejuvenating and relaxing journey through the spherical vortex - the body's spiral rhythms.

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