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Dreamings-Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu- Cassette
Sale Price: $12.95
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Indigenous art form creates a bridge to the world of healing. Music Therapist, percussionist and didjeridu master, Will Seachnasaigh, has lived among the Yolgnu people of Australia's Northwest Territory, studying the ways in which this ancient culture uses music for healing and meditation. The didjeridu, one of the oldest instruments known to humankind, is made from a simple eucalyptus branch hollowed out by termites. The aboriginal Yolgnu are capable of using this haunting horn to put both the player and listener into a deep and meditative healing state. The indigenous musicians who evolved this art used music to create a bridge between the ordinary world and the Dreamtime, a spiritual dimension of being, where the cosmos is given shape and meaning. In the Dreamtime a connection to nature and one's own basic instincts is the source of healing. Each composition on this unique hybrid recording uses didjeridu with specific pitches accompanied by other instrumentation (including Taiko Drums, Water Gongs, Flutes and Fretless Bass) to call forth "musical archetypes" which conjure up the Dreamtime. The tones and rhythms are based upon modern medical understandings about sound's potential for enhancing health and well being.

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