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Ah-The Healing Voice by Silvia Nakkach- CD
Sale Price: $19.95
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The spiritual and healing power of song has been recognized by people of all cultures since the beginning of time. Whether the song is a prayerful call to spirit or a comforting nonverbal melody, the slow sounding of the voice helps to balance the human body, reduce stress, and stimulate a feeling of well being. Silvia Nakkach integrates insights from her cross-cultural investigations as a singer-composer, music therapist, and educator into a unique musical form that wanders through a combination of world instruments, cello, glass instruments, repetitive patterns, chants, and indigenous songs to create a soothing and uplifting sonic massage. As you immerse yourself in listening, you will experience sharpened focus, and heightened creativity. In addition to offering an exquisite listening experience, enclosed instructions can lead you into exploring your own voice as an instrument for self-healing. The results may include decreased muscle tension, lower blood pressure, slower pulse, and increased circulation. As the body is put at ease, more energy is available for enjoying life.

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