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IsoArchtm Foot Supports
Sale Price: $49.95
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If your arches are letting you down let this amazing foot support system pick you up! Bio-mechanically engineered foot supports redistribute and balance body weight in the "Plantar Pain Zone" located under the arch. The contoured shape supports both lengthwise and across the arch for maximum comfort, while foam inserts absorb the pounding shock at heel strike. Just slip these cushioning supports into your favorite shoes for instant relief from stress and foot fatigue. Super lightweight with a soft leather-like covering.

Available for men and women: Women's Small= 5-7 1/2; Women's Large= 10-10 1/2; Woman's XLarge 11-13 Men's Small=5-6 1/2 ; Men's Medium= 7-7 1/2; Men's Large= 8-8 1/2; Men's Extra Large= 9-10 1/2.

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