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RelaxOne Relaxation Bubble
Retail Price: $39,995.95
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The relaxation bubble acoustic immersion RelaxOne is a real small space capsule in which you take place to be deeply relaxed, exploring your inner space. In just 12 minutes on board RelaxOne you will be placed effortlessly into an altered state of consciousness similar REM sleep: sleep phase during which you dream. This is equivalent to the recovery of mental fatigue and "surrender to psychological zero" obtained after a full sleep cycle lasting an hour and a half. Unlike access to normal dream that causes a break in the continuity of consciousness when falling asleep, one sitting aboard RelaxOne is in complete lucidity. This allows people sensitive to their night life, to live a waking dream and act on their mental imagery, while having lost track of time and space of the body, he is deeply relaxed. RelaxOne operates at two levels: - A passive action directly related to its design, architecture and ergonomics, creating a controlled and protected space. When it takes place, this spontaneously causes a decreased level of activity subconscious permanent vigilance and environmental monitoring. Around each of us is a virtual privacy sphere, whose size varies depending on the environment. Our subconscious monitors that continuously space, day and night. Protecting felt aboard RelaxOne makes this unnecessary monitoring and energy recovered is reflected in a decline in mental fatigue. - An active action by disseminating psychoacoustic music (music or sounds provocative defined psychological reactions) through the audio system and two internal speakers that meet precisely defined technical requirements. RelaxOne is a true ensuite concert with exceptional acoustic performance. The listening conditions are specially arranged to enable stimulation of the brain frequencies included in the music. In the presence of external signals similar to those from its own natural activity (eg alpha waves), the brain tends to give it, which provides access to recognized states of consciousness, such as meditation the dream, concentration and deep relaxation. The induced and results are measurable and reproducible, this stimulation is not subliminal. A session aboard RelaxOne is a time of comfort and rest in a sphere of privacy protected, out of time, for a lucid exploration of its interior space. Technical data Structure of composite materials. linings in Stamskin. HiFi coaxial stereo sound. Diameter: 126 cm. Height: 135 cm. Weight: 55 kg

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