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Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace Cassette
Sale Price: $14.95
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STRESS? SLEEPLESSNESS? PAIN? DEPRESSION? The gentle gift that says, "I understand..." Slow down...sit back...and for a little while... just let go. National mind-body stress management expert Susie Mantell’s audio, Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace, guides you along a gentle journey to renewal, releasing, replenishing, and soothing away layer-after-layer of worry... stress... exhaustion. This award-winning stress relief audio gently carries listeners into soft relaxation ~ an oasis from a busy schedule, or a prelude to deep, restful sleep and like an easy chair, warm narration of Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace gently supports, effortlessly releasing the day surrounding this half-hour. Ever wish you could turn down the noise in your head? Interestingly, busy people who take time out for relaxation tend to experience renewed energy and inner calm, adding hours of productivity to a hectic day. That’s why health care professionals nationwide recommend Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace to provide both a natural focus and the comfort of a "guide" along the journey to relief from the harmful effects of stress. For both beginners and seasoned meditation. Do you know someone who would love ‘a half-hour of peace’? The 36 minute guided narration for healing relaxation and personal wellness arrives in a 7" vinyl binder covered with a lush green forest—a Beautifully Packaged Gift For Stressed-Out Execs...Maxed-Out Moms...You! Mantell has designed a uniquely personal experience. Slow down...sit back and for a little while... just let go. People are rediscovering hope and courage to do the work of healing in Susie Mantell’s gently empowering Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace. Physicians, patients, their families and friends, find the uniquely personal 36 minute audio like an easy chair, gently supporting them to release worry, stress, exhaustion, to replenish strength, and maintain the stability they’ll need to see them through.

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